MarketGrader Global Indexes Report Card 2018 Indexes Report Card Since 2003, MarketGrader Indexes have provided a smarter alternative to traditional market capitalization weighted equity indexes. Instead of looking at size first, we focus on selecting the best companies as determined by our proprietary fundamental scoring methodology. The result has been consistently superior capital appreciation over the long-term.

Our Index series cover a range of geographies internationally, including individual countries -- both developed and emerging -- regions and the entire world, as well as sectors and capitalization segments domestically.

All MarketGrader Indexes feature:

  • Stock selection: Our proprietary fundamental metrics identify the best companies
  • Equal weighting: Ensures all components contribute evenly to Index performance
  • Semi-annual rebalancing: Disciplined emphasis on picking the best and selling lower graded stocks to seek better opportunities
  • Transparent: Defined criteria underlies Index construction, with all details provided on why any constituent was selected
  • Replicable: Set rules ensure each Index can be fully recreated
  • Liquidity: Minimum 3-month trading volume requirement for all constituents
  • Sector diversification: For core Indexes, no sector has outsized representation
  • Size diversification: Core Indexes remain free of bias as capitalization segments have minimum and maximum levels

We take great pride in providing the highest transparency possible for each of our Indexes. Feel free to explore the pages for each Index for information on constituents, fundamental scores, performance and sector and size breakdowns.

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